Something I never ever talk about is the fact that when I see people running or dancing or doing things like that it like, makes me really jealous of people who have legs that function as legs. Like, it was getting a lot better because I hadn’t had the knee thing happen in so long so I would say I rarely even noticed it but now it’s back, I literally do not take five steps without the feeling of my knee sliding out under me just jumping into my mind and it makes me want to just sit down and breathe because it’s.. really bad. I’m literally scared of walking. Idk. I just dont like it.

I mean I’m such a self conscious and anxious person that I never dance or run or draw attention to myself in any way if I can help it but it still makes me sad that I can’t even think about it without suddenly remembering the feeling and then just being instantly terrified of moving, blehhh



so like i worked at a cotton candy booth for a lot of the state fair and there were people taking pictures of the booth and even some like with me?? because it was fruit flavoured cotton candy and i guess that is like really uncommon or something but yeah so i’ve been scrolling through tags on instagram and on here and i can’t even find that booth in the background, sad sad. anyway yay it was fun here have a picture from it